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Hi, I’m Kurt.

I help individuals and organisations to support lasting change and squeeze more from what’s already there.

Be more than you are today.

I work with individual and organisations to help them be happier and perform better. Together we can help guide you and/or your teams to develop a greater sense of self purpose and connection to your organisations goals.

Latest Blogs

This is what I’ve been up to recently, you might have seen me here and there….

Science of Learning

Designing Learning – Don’t start with Outcomes

Begin with the melody

Science of Learning

What do they not need to know…

Building learning by subtraction (not addition)


Third Space Working

Its not home, its not the office, it’s a different vibe…

Science of Learning

How do you want learners to feel when they make a mistake?

The emotional experience of learning

Science of Learning

Dyslexia and its impact on learning and working

It’s a processing thing!

How I can help you

The services centre around 3 core products to get you where you need to be

Science of Learning

Using approaches backed by research to help you build learning that sticks

Organisational Development

Build invested teams and increase productivity without increasing headcount

Executive Coaching

BEing YOU takes energy. Find it and realise the potential you never knew you had.


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