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Science of Learning

Dyslexia and its impact on learning and working

It’s a processing thing!

Science of Learning

What LnD can learn from the marketing world

The fear of flawless learning no one attends

Science of Learning

ADHD and me (my understanding of it)

“it’s life Jim but not as we know it”

Organisational Development

Human Performance and the RAF

Typhoons Rising

Business Talks

#DNBusinessTalks – John Rees (CEO DN Colleges Grp)

Finding my part in this

Business Talks

#DNBusinessTalks – Karen Beardsley (MD Unipart Rail – Retired)

Working in a mans world

Business Talks

#DNBusinessTalks – Alistair Maclean-Clark (CEO Lightforge Academy)

Appreciate the Journey

Business Talks

#DNBusinessTalks – Andrew Robson (CEO KUDOS-QA)

hit the bottom to rise again

Science of Learning

The Learning and Development Cutlery Drawer

Who took all the spoons…

Business Talks

#DNBusinessTalks – Jon Whiteley (Founder ProAktive Risk Grp)

Stick to what you are good at

Science of Learning

As much as I try, I’m unlikely to meet your needs

The neurodivergent learner(s)

Science of Learning

Designing for Neurodiversity in Learning

Solve for one, extend to many