Business Talks

Here you’ll find all the business talks we’ve published so far.

#DNBusinessTalks – John Rees (CEO DN Colleges Grp)

Finding my part in this

#DNBusinessTalks – Karen Beardsley (MD Unipart Rail – Retired)

Working in a mans world

#DNBusinessTalks – Alistair Maclean-Clark (CEO Lightforge Academy)

Appreciate the Journey

#DNBusinessTalks – Andrew Robson (CEO KUDOS-QA)

hit the bottom to rise again

#DNBusinessTalks – Jon Whiteley (Founder ProAktive Risk Grp)

Stick to what you are good at

#DNBusinessTalks – Nik Springthorpe (CEO – One Call)

Promote from within, they give more

#DNBusinessTalks – Gemma Peebles (Principal Harrison College)

Knocking on/down doors

#DNBusinessTalks – Dolly Agoro (Director at Motherline Legal Services)

Here is where you are

#DNBusinessTalks – Paul Clark (Director, one 3rd Owner)

Its only your ego that sits in your way

#DNBusinessTalks – Chinwe Russell (Artist and much more)

I’m an entrepreneur first and an artist second