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We had some prior working with Kurt through SCUK and we were confident in the skills and knowledge he had to help us with the recruitment process for our sport educators. Also great knowledge to help develop our mentoring programmes. We knew Kurt would deliver a great session on the modern learner at our national learning and development event.

The service provided by Kurt was very good. For the sport educator event he provided some great ideas that were very thoroughly thought through and outcomes were very clear. Support in the recruitment process was superb and his input was incredibly valuable.

Kurt is a great facilitator and very knowledgeable in all areas of L&D. He is looked on as an expert in this field and is great to use someone like this outside of our networks. Brings a fresh look, un bias way to his work and has great energy. We love working with people with such a bright out look on life and is passionate about L&D.

We expected the service to be excellent ... and it was! This is not just out opinion - this was a view shared by many of our partners involved in the leading learning programme, the tutor development evening, last years UK Coaching Summit in Tollymore etc.

Genuinely can't think of anything regarding 'improving' the service ... my only advice is to keep being yourself Kurt (which I know you will!). Your USP is as much about you as a person and your values and approach to working with people as it is around the (significant) skills and knowledge that you bring.

We had worked with Kurt before and knew him to be a good deliverer. We are always looking for people outside of our organisation to help us look at things differently, and Kurt offered a fresh perspective on coach education and CPD for educators. He was enthusiastic and was generous with his time and expertise.

Kurt was great, he was adaptable in his service to deliver our aims. He also had a tough gig with some of our delegates and he did a great job managing them. He delivered the objectives and provided real insight for our workforce, but also insight ‘of’ our workforce for us, which highlighted that some of our workforce are not ready for new concepts.