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Hi there,  yes thats me above.

I’m #BeMoreLnDKurt…..well Kurt Ewald Lindley to be precise. And yes it is Ewald not Edward (pronounced Avald).  I’m a South African Born, Yorkshire bred, lover of all things learning and organisational development – want to know more read below or just get in touch I don’t bite

The birth of #BeMoreLnD

Sometime in 2012 I woke up to the realisation that I was not all I could be, I was not reaching my potential and like so many others around me I was coasting. Whilst this was something that had been buzzing in my head for years I’d never had the trigger to do anything about it. 

This day was different and too long and winding to explain here. Lets just say – I had no excuse for being less than all I could be, mediocre was no longer an option. It was time to notice and make the small but valuable changes which would have a huge positive influence on my world.

Moving forward

I took some time to reflect upon the things around me, one of them being my many performance reviews which would often have something like the following mentioned within them:

“Kurt asks great questions at the wrong time”

“Kurt responds emotionally” – no I didn’t cry a lot

I started to unpick these – I mean if I was asking great questions but my timing was poor at least I had one thing right. And the emotional thing what was that all about. I asked myself:

  • what was so good about the questions I was asking?
  • what was I seeing that others may not have been?
  • why was my timing so poor?
  • what effect did this have on others?
  • and why was I so emotional in my response?

The power of dyslexia

I found the answers in world of ‘Dyslexia’. See around the same time I was studying for a Master in Psychology and I learned I had Dyslexia. The universities answer was to give me an extra 30min in my 3hr exams (please NO) and mine was to research and explore this ‘diagnosis’ from the perspective of an asset to be nurtured

In my research I came across a book – ‘The Dyslexic Advantage’ and the acronym of MIND which eloquently capture some of the superpowers a dyslexic may have…

  • Material reasoning – see the worlds challenges in pictures (visual thinker)
  • Interconnected reasoning – spot connections between the seemly unconnected (pattern detection)
  • Narrative reasoning – storyteller, love the stage (well I do) and keen on personal mastery
  • Dynamic reasoning – do well in complex changing environments (and predict the future)


I mean what better naturally occurring skills to have for working in all things learning and organisational development.

It’s not enough to be right!

So what about this emotion and timing thing – well I wasn’t being understood. People didn’t see or hear as I did and with it I didn’t speak or share in a way for them to hear me. I took ownership of this and work on two things:

  1. Being heard – reframing so others could hear my message
  2. Being aware – listening to the room and seeing my moment


As it says in the subheading, ‘its not enough to be right’. Its about being heard in a way and at a time others are able to make sense of it!

”timing is (almost) everything when it comes to being heard”


What’s behind #BeMoreLnD’s philosophy?

In the world of consultancy and freelancing everyone has their own way (or they should). I’m no different. Whilst I draw upon many published authors and academics, context is key. Making what I know and have learnt relatable to the space I’m working in is paramount. Otherwise its just diagrams, big words and pretty picture.

I have a simple endeavour – which is to help you realise unknown potential. To juice the orange of learning, business and life not your wallets.  

“Get more from what you already have – juice the penny in every pound and the minute in each hour”

What does it cost? 

The Money question – the day rate ranges from £600-1,000 depending on – the work being done, the client context and the value the project will bring to all parties.

If this is prohibitive just let me know – #BeMoreLnD operates a ‘pay at your discretion’ model which is a negotiated fee based on 3 points of reference

  1. what an individual/organisation can afford
  2. what we collectively believe the service to be worth and
  3. the cost to me in terms of time and resources.


With this model we always find a balance that works for everyone. GET IN TOUCH!

Appearances (podcasts etc..)

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