Executive Coaching

BEing YOU takes energy, want help finding it – get in touch

Realise the potential within you.


There is no secret sauce, no pixie dust that will help you become the ‘high performing human’ you can be. Just the impact of the many moments you invest in the Leadership of YOU.

The approach

The #BeMoreLnD approach is designed to support this ‘compound effect’, by focusing on:

  1. Knowing you – self awareness is the key to success 
  2. Being courageous – in the absence of confidence
  3. Owning you – having confidence in new contexts 
  4. Safe in uncertainty – anchoring yourself


As I said, there are no tricks, you get out what you put in. I’ll will turn up and be present, I only ask the same of you….

Commit fully to the relationship and your potential will be realised. 

It sounds simple but you believe what you tell yourself….so stop being so unkind to yourself! Move more, sleep well, eat better, and your quality of thought will improve as will the decisions you make.

Own these actions and you’ve nailed it!

Invest in YOU

Change isn’t made in a moment or in one off big decisions. Change is made over time in the incremental shifts where you choose to invest in the betterment of you…

Coaching Session Costs

£300 per 90min Virtual Coaching Session

£500 per 90min in-person Coaching Session

(location dependent, price may vary)

Just book in as and when you need

Choose YOU…. invest NOW

Drop me a line and let’s get a 30min no-obligation chemistry call scheduled in

#BeMoreLnD will help you write your script – the one you wish to follow