Leadership Conversations

The space for you to grow within a trusted community – time to focus on you is NOW!

When did you last press PAUSE and think…about you?


Like most Senior Leaders I’m guessing your attention is most often on others, committed to guiding and supporting your team and dealing with challenge (as well as the good).

Leadership Conversations is your space to stop PAUSE and think. Reflect on experiences, share contexts and make sense of the unexpected.

Explore the BIG questions:

  • How do you embrace risk?
  • When failure arrives what do you do?
  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Do others believe in you?

How it LOOKS in practice

You will join with a small group of Senior Leaders (6-8 people), all starting the journey at same time. This size of group means all leaders get air time.

  • Sessions will be 1.5hrs in length, held once a month
  • Microsoft Teams will be our medium for conversation
  • The programme will run in 6 month cycles


We would encourage you to bring a plus 1. Either someone from your workplace to stave off the challenge of ‘burnout on re-entry’ or someone neutral so together you can sense-make beyond sessions.

What makes it work?

These gatherings  are underpinned by 5 values/philosophies:
  1. Confidentiality – what is said within the collectives remains within the collective
  2. Trust – those who attend trust in each other’s reasons for being present
  3. Growth – we are here to develop as people and as professionals
  4. Support – we are here to be supported and offer support
  5. Social Capital – investment in and from others for the betterment of all.

Act NOW!

Don’t wait for the rain before you buy a brolly!

The programme investment – £300 per person for 6 x 1.5hr session. Bring a plus 1 and the price drops to £250 per person.

Find out when the next group will get going, register your interest – click contact NOW!