Science of Learning

Create learning that sticks, tired of disengaged learners then do something about it – Call ME!

Guess what?!


Millions of pounds each year are invested in training and development, but wasted due to learning decay.

Stop this learning loss NOW by working with #BeMoreLnD to create immersive, social, active, and engaging experiences.

The ‘flux-capacitor’ of learning

Using the Science of learning, together we will co-create the story that your learners will desire and you need. Specialising in:

  1. Mixing and Scafolding – sequencing the medium for learning
  2. Priming and Recall – readiness to learn and lessen forgetting
  3. Learner dropout – reduce learner attrition (and chasing)
  4. Workforce Development – train your teams to deliver


If you want to increase learning retention, reduce follow up costs and improve completion rates – click this and get in touch

The approach

Drawing upon research from sociology, psychology and neuroscience together we will map out the ideal ‘Learner Journey’ for your project to ensure learners:

  • Attend to
  • Sense make
  • Retain and
  • Internalise learning

The offer

#BeMoreLnD offers end to end learning design guidance on everything from 1hr engaging keynotes to 12 month immersive programmes (and more)…

Getting #BeMoreSofL advice at an early stage of your project will help you get the most from your budget.

Simply share what you are trying to achieve, and I will do the rest…

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