The Book


Living well with the ones you love


What’s this page about… well its the landing page for something a bit different. It’s not just a book, it’s an invitation to people like you, entrepreneurs, small business owners, sole traders, well ALL those that desire a different approach to reaching life goals which balance income and pleasure.

What this is NOT!

This is no 10x your leads or 3x your income in half the time.

It’s NOT going to be about big income and climbing corporate ladders

What this IS!

A life philosophy on earning enough to live #TheGoodLife as you define it (not as others do)!

“Earn enough to live well with those you love”

As the story grows our lessons will be captured in blogs linked below and when the times right the words will find themselves in the pages of a lived experience book – #BEingSuccessfulEnough

Draft Book Chapters (a selection)

These are working life Principles/Guidance on how to BE, with actions you can take to ‘Earn and live’! Once each chapter is written it will be hyperlinked here for you to read the draft thinking and TAKE ACTION

Forward (or at least that’s what I think its called)

Introduction – The Be More philosophy

  1. Don’t be a dick and ‘confident-humility’
  2. Be good, do good and good will happen
  3. Put yourself in places to be found
  4. To live with sacrifice – but with purpose
  5. The Law of attraction, manifest, vision and believe in you
  6. #Wellness5ADay – Eat well, sleep well, move, connect, learn
  7. How much is enough, the equation and the rationale
  8. The good life, its not a comparative thing
  9. Business Growth and Lead generation – meaningful time online
  10. The dishonest argument, when honesty fails you
  11. Influence and the power of language
  12. Brand, who are you and how are you seen

Appendix – useful stuff like HMRC, Bank Accounts, Invoices, pension, insurance etc

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