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Forward – Being Successful Enough

Drafting the book intro

…or at least that’s what I think its called

I’m back in one of my favourites places writing this, Willows of Warmsworth. Listening to the hum of the coffee machine and the passing customer revelations. Its great to be back…

So this blog charts the beginning of drafting my book #BeingSuccessfulEnough – living well with the ones you love.

Before we get into the chapters, its important I get my house in order – whats going to be in and what of my ramblings will be out. And share a bit more about the intention of the book…

Note: Edited seems the photos on the blogs aren’t displaying properly on my website, will fix this soon.

So, who’s the book for?

ME, well the me from 10 years ago (maybe even 15). It’s going to be the book I wish someone gave me when I first started thinking about going solo. This book is for those thinking of/about to step into the sole trader world and those who have been there a while and may need a re-set… a reminder as to why you made this decision.

Whilst the lessons within will be applicable to many sectors, its worth noting that the advice in hear is based on my experiences as a Learning and Development practitioner, executive coach, coach developer working in the field of leadership and organisational development across performance sport, business and education. So some insights may be more valuable than others for you the reader.

Where am I hoping this might lead people…

I’ve had many ‘epiphany’ moments over the years which have lead me to create certain guiding phrases. One such phrase being:

“Getting paid for being me”

I’d love it if those reading this can find a way to step closer to getting paid for doing what they love, and with it ‘Be More – themselves’. This takes courage I know and its not a short journey. Again I should say that this book is not going to be the magic solution to quick success, I’d say it’s taken me 5 years of small smart choices to get here. Sometimes standing still or even going backwards, but the book should help you step forward when things begin to stall. The thinking within it has been whats allowed me to do just that….

Make small step’s and I’m still taking them…

So yes this is not a quick fix book or a 10x your income, its not a guide to making a million, its not about profit but it is about ‘prosperity ‘ – #BeingSuccessfulEnough – living well (with the ones you love).

Style of the Book

The book is written in a blog/diary style manner as I’m writing it as I go, in the many places around my home of #Doncaster that I like to visit and write from. I want this to be a melodic read, filled with real stories and practical advice on every page. Something that sets the context and helps you to do something positive having spent the time reading it…. I don’t want to fill the pages with words just to create a 300 page book because that seems to be the average (if you don’t believe me check your book shelves).

I guess this means the book is neither an out and out business book or a self help text. Its something that sits between the two and add’s a little more. My lived experiences.

I think I should stop soon as this is probably long enough before your attention wains! Before I go I’d like to leave you with two bits of advice if you are setting out on the ‘sole trader/small business’ journey.

  • Number 1 – before you jump into solo working, look at every outgoing you have and question, do you need it. At every opportunity cut down unneeded costs, if you can live without Netflix and virgin media for a while do it. Get the cheapest upgrades, reduce your utilities where you can. Why? Simple. If you spend less you have to earn less. Which then means, you can spend more time with your loved ones and secondly you will have less pressure to earn. When things get tight its amazing how quickly money (or the lack of it) starts to effect how you think, behave and believe. Its not to many steps away from questioning your value, skill, or even your identity. So reduce the pressure before you step into this space.
  • Number 2 – build your business goals around your family and how you want to live as a consequence of the business you are setting up. Don’t simply list X amount of money, or clients as your goal. Don’t just focus on business growth. Whilst the wording may have evolved, my business goals are the same now as they were 5 years ago and align closely with the life style I want – I’ll share them here:

Earn enough money to:

  1. Be able to walk my daughter to school at least 3 days per week (and pick her up)
  2. Have one long holiday a year to South Africa (anything else is a bonus)
  3. Pay the bills that NEED to be paid
  4. Be able to choose the clients I work with, the ones that grow me


And a final one is, be a better parent (person) as a consequence of the work I do…

We will talk later in a future chapter about the mathematics of ‘enough’ in terms of how much money this is. So keep reading future posts.

Join me on the Journey

If you want to join me and a group of likeminded humans in this writing and publishing journey, just get in touch via the contacts page link or direct via kurt@bemorelnd.co.uk. From here we will grow together.

For further information about the book #BEingSuccessfulEnough or other blog chapters click here

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Oh and as ever – please forgive the gramma and spelling through out this. It’s a working out loud process and as a #LazyDyslexic I’m both prone to making errors and tend to focuse more on the message than checking the spelling. Don’t worry the final book will go through a thorough edit process (it will get SPAG’ed for those teachers reading out there).

Have a great day

Kurt – don’t be a stranger.