Before you dive into what Be More does – here’s a little about Me and the mission of Be More.

Who am I…

Kurt Lindley. South African born, Yorkshire bred Learning and Development Specialist looking to Juice the Orange..

What BeMore is…

Here at #BeMoreLnD we have a simple endeavour: To unleash the potential within people.

The mission is: BeMore… that is for ourselves and our clients, helping people realise they are amazing.

Our core values:

– Integrity (and with it transparency)

– Trust (build and give it, care for it, honour it)

– Honesty (with myself as much as anyone one else)

– Authenticity (keep remembering to be me)

What we do: We create ‘felt’ experiences…

Where have we been working: high performance sports, world-class programmes within Olympic and Non-Olympic disciples. As well as operating with third sector organisations, public bodies and privately owned organisations.

We work on getting more from what you have, thinking differently about whats in the box (the resources available) over contemplating what more the box needs…

We trust our work… I am confident you will too.



How we do it…

So in describing how I work at times i use this metaphor..

I see myself and the way I work as a Granny Smith Apple – My Gran was awesome so I lead with ‘if she wouldn’t be impressed I shouldn’t do it’… The skin represents integrity, the flesh of the apple represents juice of life to quench and refill, and the seeds represents growth… Theres more to it but that’s me!

All business challenges have their origins in one of four things:

1. Money – not enough or allocated without proper consideration for knock on effect

2. People – under performing or not collaboratively working

3. Time – not enough or poorly allocated

4. Vision – not clear or not owned by those that work within the organisation

The reality is with these challenges, often both, the root cause and solution is people…

At Be More our focus is primarily ‘People’ and how we nurture them to unleash personal and professional potential. How we do this is to consider the Minimum Effective Dose – the smallest dose that will produce the desired outcome. What is the one thing that will have the greatest impact.